Cummaquid, MA, a serene village nestled on the northern coast of Cape Cod, offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, historic charm, and tranquility. This hidden gem enchants visitors with its picturesque landscapes, scenic coastal views, and a sense of timeless elegance. The village is home to the Cummaquid Golf Club, an acclaimed golf course that showcases sweeping fairways and panoramic vistas of Cape Cod Bay. Cummaquid also boasts the iconic Cummaquid Heights neighborhood, known for its exquisite homes and stunning views of the bay. Nature lovers will appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Sandy Neck Beach Park, a pristine barrier beach that stretches for miles, offering opportunities for leisurely walks, birdwatching, and enjoying the serene ambiance of the dunes and marshes.

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The Top Four Reasons to Choose Cummaquid, MA as Your Home

Tranquil and Scenic Setting
Cummaquid is known for its tranquil and scenic surroundings. The village is nestled along the beautiful Barnstable Harbor, offering breathtaking views of the water and opportunities for boating, fishing, and enjoying waterfront activities. Cummaquid is also surrounded by lush landscapes, with its rolling hills, pristine marshes, and picturesque cranberry bogs. Residents can immerse themselves in the serenity of nature and enjoy stunning sunsets over the harbor.
Historic and Charming Atmosphere
Cummaquid showcases a rich history and retains its New England charm. The village is home to several historic sites, including the Old King's Highway (Route 6A), which is renowned for its scenic beauty and showcases beautiful architecture from centuries past. Residents can explore the Cummaquid Historic District and admire the well-preserved homes and buildings that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The village's quaint and timeless atmosphere adds to its allure.
Golfing Paradise
Cummaquid is a golfer's paradise, as it is home to one of Cape Cod's most prestigious golf courses, the Cummaquid Golf Club. This private club offers a challenging and scenic 18-hole golf course, which attracts golf enthusiasts from near and far. The lush fairways, well-maintained greens, and beautiful surroundings make Cummaquid a golfer's dream destination. Living in Cummaquid means having easy access to top-notch golfing facilities and opportunities to enjoy the sport in a stunning setting.
Close-Knit Community
Cummaquid has a close-knit community that fosters a sense of belonging and neighborly camaraderie. Residents often engage in community events and activities, such as neighborhood gatherings, charity fundraisers, and social clubs. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere creates a strong community spirit, where neighbors become friends and support one another. Living in Cummaquid means being part of a tight-knit community that values connections and relationships.